LIBERTY Polhemus Motion Tracker

A quantum leap in six-degrees-of-freedom tracking technology, LIBERTY is the fastest and most accurate electromagnetic tracker available. With scalable support for up to 16 sensors, it's the indisputable forerunner in tracking technology. State-of-the-art digital signal processor (DSP) electronics, an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) and a host of the most advanced technical features available make LIBERTY the professional's choice hands-down. Exclusive advancements in digital signal processor technology have enabled Polhemus to develop the world's fastest tracker. LIBERTY tracks objects at a speed of 240 updates per second. Regardless of how many sensors are in use, the update rate remains constant, with LIBERTY outputting a clean data stream. For applications requiring less data, LIBERTY also has 120Hz update rate.

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Project: Tabletop?

Desktop Phantom

The award-winning PHANTOM Desktop haptic device provides an affordable desktop solution and is ideal for customers who are performing certain types of haptic research. The PHANTOM Desktop provides precision positioning input and high fidelity force-feedback output. Portable design, compact footprint, and simple parallel port interface ensure quick installation and ease-of-use.

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The Tabletop device is a custom built table with a projector that is mounted above the table. For input, the a Polhemus Liberty tracking device is being utilized to track up to 4 sensors. A custom built API has been built using .NET technology that allows the rapid construction of applications specifically geared towards this tabletop environment.

Webpage: Tabletop API?

STI SIM High Fidelity Driving Simulator

A Fully Interactive High Fidelity Driving Simulation for Research, Development, Evaluation, and Training. This driving simulator allows the construction of driving scenarios using a simple, easy to use scenario definition language. It also allows a great number of different variables to be recorded.

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We are in the process of developing input techniques with a binoculor eye-tracking system and analyzing visual 'footprints' in interactive and visualization systems.

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Mobile devices

We are using a variety of mobile devices for developing different mobile device interaction techniques. We either develop our own prototypes or build on top of existing systems.

Nintendo Wii

We are currently examining methods for fluid interactions with the Wii in a variety of environments.

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