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    • Overview book chapter of models for motor movements -- Fitts, Guiards, KLM, Buxton's 3-state and more
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    • The history and current use of Fitts and Hick-Heyman Laws in HCI.
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    • Presents a model of interaction time for"navigation-intensive tasks" using zooming and/or multiple window interfaces (ie overviews).
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    • Applying Fitts to multi-scale interfaces (ie pan/zoom)
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    • Using the probabalistic Fitts to predict pointing for non-rectangular targets. Has a good overview of Probabalistic Fitts' Law.
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    • 3D Fitts' Law
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    • Essentially a 3D steering law, follows logically from the 3D Fitts' Model
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    • Model for cascading menus. Combines Hick-Heyman and Fitts.
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    • Haven't read this yet, I expect it is an extension of the menu model
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    • A Fitts like model for "dynamically revealed targets".