The lab's publication list (available here Publications?) is dynamically generated from a bibTex file.

Publication List

The file is located on the server's file system (and unaccessible from the web interface). To edit it you must login via ssh (or scp) to as root (password: hci2008) <-- this will change in the near future. The file is located at /data/www/html/papers/publications.bib

Media files

Also in that directory are the media files related to the publications. The naming convention is like this:

  • Papers: 2008-CHI-Irani-ShortTitle.pdf
  • Quicktime Movie:
  • Flash Movie: 2008-CHI-Irani-ShortTitle.flv
  • Poster: 2008-CHI-Irani-ShortTitlePoster.pdf
  • Slides: 2008-CHI-Irani-ShortTitlePresentation.ppt

The parts of the name are: year, abbreviation of conference or journal, last name of first author, short version of the title.

Bibtex format

The bibtex format uses the standard field with a few custom additions:

  • pdf = URL to pdf version of the paper
  • vid = URL to downloadable video (ie quicktime, wmv, etc)
  • flv = URL to flash video file for embedded videos
  • slides = URL to slides (in any format) from the talk
  • poster = URL to poster (in any format) related to the publication
  • doi = DOI identifier string for this publication
  • projects = comma-separated list of projects that this publication is related to. The project names are arbitrary and are used only to provide a link to the Project page on the lab website.

Flash videos

To convert videos to flv format, I use Riva FLV Converter. It is a fairly straightforward GUI application that takes a mov/avi/wmv file and outputs a flv file.

Displaying the results on a webpage

The bibtex parser that displays the publication list is invoked with special wiki syntax. Here are some examples:

Get all publications from a given year:


Get all publications with a given author:

 bibtexauthor:[publications.bib][Pourang Irani]

Get all publications related to a given project:

 bibtexproject:[publications.bib][Map Navigation]