Project Basics

Experiment Signup is written in PHP. It lives on the one dedicated linux machine in our lab which is running ubuntu. The database is MySql.


 one session per student per experiment, or many per student per experiment?
 each session is for one student, each experiment has many sessions

The Experiment Signup Site: username: admin The password is the same as here.

Everyone in the lab uses the same user name password. Students signing up each have their own username and password.

Contact Person

When the contact person changes the style_footer.php file needs to change to reflect the name and email address of that person.

Files for the project are on server: port 22 Can use general lab account: username: hcilab password: chiuist2009 Or can use own account.

The specific file location is: /var/www/signup/

Loading new students:

There is a button on the main admin page that allows you to browse and upload a student.txt file from your computer. The format should be as follows.

Example format: 6500217, Melvin, Roberta M.,,4020, FALL2011

Where the last field is a made up identifier showing the class and a unique id.

Each new term:

- Load new student lists. - Indicate new term in experiments entered. - Close off old experiments

The Database

The Database Admin Site: username: root password: chiuist2009 There is one username password for access.


List of upgrades working on for the site 2011:


  • Ability to mark actual attendance - done. Oct 2011
  • Ability to upload a csv page from your computer through the site to load in students instead of having to ftp a file - done. Nov 2011 by Stela

In Progress

  • Reporting: summarize actual attendance by class - at any time in the term. - started Oct 2011, bug in the page, need a way to calculate the points given the date fields in the session field. - Hina working on. Nov 2011
  • Ability for student to check points achieved so far. (actual attendance and anticipated) - Hina working on Nov 2011


  • ability to have students persist from one class to the next and still be able to see their old class participation. (this requires re-factoring some database tables)
  • ability to load all information from a preset term.
  • allow students to register themselves once for a single experiment.