Travel Tips


  1. Prepare a budget. Find rough amounts for all costs and list potential sources of funding. See this document for a sample budget: Attach:CHI08Budget.xls Δ
  2. Apply for funding. See next section.
  3. Acquire a travel visa for the country if necessary. Foreign students may have problems here, so make sure you have (or are guaranteed) a visa before booking accommodations or a flight. Often the student will have to travel to a major Canadian city to acquire the visa in person, make sure this travel is included in the budget.
  4. Register for the conference. Do this early as there are often cheaper rates for early registration.
  5. Book accommodations early. The conference usually has preferred rates at a set of hotels but often they are still pricey. Look around at various Internet sites for hotel options.
  6. Book flight. This must be done through the University's travel agent and Pourang will usually have to do it.
  7. Research, and book if necessary, ground transportation. Look into shuttles from airport, taxi fees, etc.


There are several sources of funding from different agencies at the University of Manitoba.

Note each award has different deadlines and requirements. They each require some combination of the following items:

  • Completed application form
  • Your CV/Resume
  • Letter of support from advisor or department head
  • One page abstract of paper being presented
  • Budget
  • All transcripts. You can get a free academic history from Student Records. No need for official transcript from UofM.
  • Proof of acceptance of paper.
  • Cover letter describing why you need the funds.
  • Waiver form - for FGS award.

Some awards (such as UMGSA) just write you a check with no need for receipts. Others require receipts. However, it is very important that you keep everything, including plane ticket stubs, i.e. boarding passes and miscellaneous receipts.