Libraries and Documentation

This page contains additional libraries that we use with the VisBox system, as well as documentation for using and developing software.

VisBox Development Pack

This package contains documentation, guides, and custom libraries for developing 3D programs. They can be installed on almost any desktop computer, and programs you develop will also run on the VisBox 3D system.

Latest Version:

Previous Versions:

Open Asset Import Library (Assimp)

This library lets us load a wide variety of 3D models, and is compatible with VRJuggler applications.

Developer's Image Library (DevIL)

The DevIL library loads images from a wide variety of formats. All DevIL formats are enabled, except for Jpeg 2000, Jpeg XR (Microsoft HD Photo), and OpenEXR. DevIL can be used together with Assimp to load models with textures.

Open Dynamics Engine (ODE)

A physics simulator for 3D objects.

Vicon Tracker Documentation

Vicon HowTo Guide, developed in-house. Guides you through installing and calibrating the cameras, as well as tracking simple objects with Tracker.


Full documentation for configuring and using Tracker, and the Vicon Datastream SDK.

VRJuggler Binaries

These are the VRJuggler 3.0.1 binaries, created by Simon Su. It also contains all of VRJuggler's dependencies. Before using the binaries, you'll need to add some Windows environment variables:










Add %OSGPATH%;%VJPATH%;%VJ_BASE_DIR%\lib;%VJ_DEPS_DIR%\lib to Path


These binaries are already on our system! No need to re-download them or set any environment variables.

The exact values of the environment variables will differ depending on where the binaries are located.

Reboot after setting environment variables. This seems to be required since the variables reference each other.