Perceptions of Internet Connectivity in Rural and Remote Communities

Project Description

We are examining perceptions of currently available internet connectivity options in rural and remote areas. Our current focus is on the impact of levels of connectivity on business activities, though education, health and other social services also are affected.

There are several types of internet services currently available depending on location. The services available may include dial up, wireless (similar to Wi-Fi but with a wider range), Satellite, and, in larger towns, full broadband like DSL and Cable.

The goal of our project is to learn how the different connectivity options translate into user experience, and what issues are most problematic. We wish to understand how internet connectivity affects individual and community productivity and identify where best to focus efforts on improvement.


Project Publications

Roberta Melvin and Andrea Bunt. 2011. Effects of Reduced Connectivity in Rural and Remote Communities. In Workshop on Everyday Practice and Sustainable HCI: Understanding and Learning from Cultures of (Un)Sustainability (CHI 2011), Vancouver, Canada.